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Squirrel Comedy Theatre is a non-profit providing classes in sketch, improv, and characters taught by a diverse group of NYC's best and brightest performers and writers.

2021 Online Improv, Sketch, and Character Classes


Our Mission

The Squirrel Comedy Theatre is a non-profit that aims to be New York's premier destination for sketch and improv comedy, with world-class live shows and classes from a diverse group of the city's best and brightest performers and writers. Guided by the comedic principle of The Game of the Scene, The Squirrel values community, representation, transparency, and equality, starting with, but not limited to, financially compensating its artists.



Our philosophy is rooted in finding and exploring the game of the scene. Learn the fundamentals, get weird, and hone your craft in a wide range of classes.

All class times are EST unless otherwise specified.


Free shows every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.

  • Borabish!
    Thu, Jan 28
    Streaming on Youtube
    Jan 28, 8:00 PM
    Streaming on Youtube
    The founders of the Squirrel Theatre come together to put on a fully improvised show so fun, so carefree, so damn stupid the only way to describe what will happen to your senses is: Borabish!
  • E! Fake Hollywood Stories
    Thu, Jan 28
    Streaming on Twitch
    Jan 28, 9:30 PM
    Streaming on Twitch
    Discover the fakest stories behind the world’s realest celebs. Hosted by Chrissy Shackelford (Last Week Tonight, Characters Welcome) E! Fake Hollywood Stories invites comedians, characters, and audience to share Hollywood's best kept secrets...
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What is Squirrel Comedy Theatre?

Squirrel Comedy Theatre is a non-profit comedy theatre that teaches online comedy classes in Improv, Sketch and Characters. We host shows online for the time being, until live comedy is permitted again in NYC.

Do you have a physical theatre space?

Not at the moment. Our goal is to fundraise enough to open a physical space when we return to some sort of normalcy but for the time being, we exist solely online. If you would like to donate to our fundraising efforts, please check out our donation slide or contact us at

Who is behind this?

Squirrel Comedy Theatre was founded by Lou Gonzalez, Michael Hartney, Patrick Keene, Maritza Montañez, Alex Song-Xia and Corin Wells with the help of Samantha Horowitz and Alma Rosa Montañez.

Where do you stream your shows?

You can watch our shows on our Youtube channel every Wednesday and Thursday! If you're interested in performing, shoot us an email at

Why Squirrel?

If you know, you know. Xenu be with you.


How do you teach your classes?

Our classes are taught via Zoom! You do not need a Zoom account to participate.

How much are classes?

Our class prices vary depending on the class being taught. You can see what we're offering in the classes section.

If I've taken comedy classes elsewhere, do I have to "start over" at The Squirrel?

No! We don't have traditional "levels;" you should choose a class that makes sense for your experience level. Check out the "Who is this class for?" section of each class description, and if it sounds like you, go for it!

If a class I want to take is sold out, can I be placed on a waitlist?

Sure! Email with the subject "WAITLIST: [teacher last name] [class name] [start date];" i.e. "WAITLIST: Wells Creating Characters Jan 4th" and we'll let you know if something opens up.

Diversity & Inclusion

Do you have a Diversity and Inclusion initiative?

Our theatre was founded with the purposes of building a community where everyone is represented and given the opportunity to thrive. We offer scholarships for free classes for students whose background is underrepresented in comedy. Apply for a free class, or donate to the scholarship fund. Obviously free classes are not enough. We’ll be offering an array of initiatives to ensure we do whatever we can to empower marginalized talent, including offering Q&A’s with diverse creators in the entertainment industry, participating in regular teacher trainings, and offering pay-what-you-can-classes. We will be constantly examining and evaluating our efforts to evolve to fit the needs of the community

When will I find out if I've been placed into a class?

We only have so many scholarship slots for each class but once you apply, your application is active. It may take a bit of time for you to hear back from us but you WILL hear back from us and you will get put into a class.



Are you a performer and want to do shows with The Squirrel Theater? Are you a wealthy anonymous philanthropist looking to give away money? Are you curious about our diversity initiatives? Just want to say, “Hey, Bish!”?

Email us at!


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